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About Vineyard2Door

Vineyard2Door (V2D) is a conduit directly to the wineries.  Be assured, you are placing your order directly to the winery you select.  V2D simply gathers your information, ties your location with all the legal stuff, (also tied in directly to UPS to calculate your shipping costs) and delivers the information with the order so the winery can complete your transaction. 


This dream started with a winery tour through Washington’s wine country in the Yakima Valley.  One small family winery after another, producing spectacular wines - most of which you have probably never heard.  Either they didn’t have a distributor or they are too small to have influence over a distributor.  Whatever the case may be, their livelihood is predicated on you driving down the road and stopping in to sample/buy their wine.  Most only produce a small quantity of high quality wine – but all are remarkable people with interesting stories of how they became a wine producer.


As I spoke with them, some had websites but most didn’t.  These are people that work the land – grape farmers that took their passion to the conclusion and made wine - not web designers.  Those that had websites discussed the fact that they couldn’t sell their wine on their own website because of the legal nightmare of tracking/complying with each state's liquor laws, sales taxes and other regulatory issues.  The best they could hope to do was receive your request for wine and then respond only after they had an opportunity to research the possibility of selling you wine.


Those that didn’t have a website lamented the cost associated with building/designing/maintaining a website – others cited not knowing where to start.


Our dream was to create a website that these wineries could participate in that was tied into the various states legislatures, check the compliancy issues for them and automatically provide them with the tools to sell you their wine.  For those that don’t have a website we offer website templates – they can have a website up and running within a couple of hours!!


We sincerely hope you try multiple wines – the wines are all as unique as the people that made them.  We tried to make the shopping experience as easy as possible – allowing you to sort by varietal, region and/or price – to help you find a wine you love.  Trial and error is the best way to discover that gem wine you can’t live without.  If you have any comments about V2D, please contact us – your feedback is the only way we can improve your shopping experience.


Gary Robertson
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